La Lisca

A structure obtained from the renovation of an old house from a traditional fisherman’s family, nestled in the heart of the Old Town, overlooking Via Duomo,the crossroad of the ancient village.

Six rooms, furnished in a refined and modern way, but which retain all the flavor of the elapsed time. The terrace on the top floor is the highest point of the village, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the harbor, the real heart of the city. The project aims to enhance not only the traditions but also the culture of Termoli, representing, in environments experienced by guests, the work and the life of the famous designer Benito Jacovitti.

The sea, fishing and fisherman connote these traditions, the life and the same urban fabric of the Old Town, a rocky spur that emerges magically from the sea. Today, the old country can still offer, to those who stay suggestions, sounds and smells that come from the past, for a unique experience.

The old town

Perched on a small rocky promontory, the old town presents itself as a charming medieval town, fortified.

The village dates back to the V century, but there are no archival sources following the Turkish plundering in 1566, whose commemoration is held on the 15 th August with the burning of the Castle.

The village looks like an intricate maze of narrow and winding streets, including the famous Vico II Castle among the smallest in Europe.

The population, mainly seafaring, lived within the walls of the old village until 1847, when King Ferdinand II of Bourbon granted the “termolesi” (Termoli population) to build outside the walls. An interesting testimony of Bishop Thomas Giannelli of 1765 describes the population inhabitant as poor people, and however numerous the family, it is not accustomed to have more than one or two rooms, in which they keep a donkey, a pig and all that is necessary.

La Lisca Bed & Breakfast a Termoli