Benitto Jacovitti and La Lisca

Who has never read as a young boy the “Corriere dei Piccoli”, running back with the imagination to characters Coconut Bill and Jak Mandolin? Or who, as a schoolboy, did not keep in his backpack between books and exercise books, the legendary Vitt Diary?

In short, Benito Jacovitti accompanied us during our childhood and adolescence; and such a famous designer was from Termoli.

Born in Termoli where he lived the first years of his childhood and then moved to Macerata and finally settled in Florence, without ever forgetting his native city. The slender body of the young Jacovitti earned him the nickname of LISCA; a figure this that has become the icon with which he sign his tables, precisely a fishbone.

The characteristic anatomical shapes of his characters and his drawings, crowded with strange objects and decontextualized therefore surreal, have made him known to the public, as such a recognizable and original designer.

The idea of dedicating to Jacovitti a tourist structure took place through a project that the owner signed with the Liceo Artistico (art school) of Termoli, dedicated in fact to Benito Jacovitti.

The students of the Liceo Artistico have ventured into the realization of oil paintings, with jacovittiani themes, which are on show in the rooms and other environments of the residence, which took the name the Lisca, i.e. the famous jacovittiana icon, which is also the logo of the structure.

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La Lisca Bed & Breakfast a Termoli